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In most cases, the owner would have built all the panels (or will finish all the plates within 2-3 months) and will increase the demand for 70% of the cost of the apartment. That is, at that time, you would have paid 90% of the cost of the apartment. Builder will use all of its tactics/force/force, etc. to build the 70% payment according to the agreement. The owner will also pressure the bank to release the payment in accordance with the agreement. Finally, the owner receives 90% of the flat-rate costs within three months of the sales contract in his kitty. For now, we all live in “LEGALLY” in “ILLEGAL” housing. Deed of sale: this is a final right of ownership, which is fully defined in the agreement of sale by the seller to the buyer under the seal of the civil registry office under the jurisdiction of the state. If a large number of sales work is to be carried out on a premise, the Clerk of the Government may, by all procedures, set up a bank in the premise. This option can be used by paying a defined fee to the Chancery. A sales contract therefore demonstrates the willingness of the parties to sell/buy a property in question and culminates with the creation of the actual state of the sale.

It cannot be called Sale Deed because it does not create any property rights for the buyer. The same bank does not accept your documents or sanction the mortgage if you wish to sell or mortgage (after occupying the apartment). You don`t have OC and A` Khata. The contractor will ask for 100% of the money before the building is completed, as all violations only occur after the sign work. The owner will build 1 or 2 floors (Pent House, etc.), extra which are illegal and therefore no OC will be given to you. If you look at the BBMP website on “Know Your Tax Paid Details,” you will always see the name of the landowner for the property and the Khata number. This is because the original Khata was not involved in individual owners. Reason: EVEN HERE, NO OC. (B Khata has no value, although BBMP collects property tax). is Bangalore`s first exclusive real estate site dedicated to apartments and the gated community of Bangalore. bangalore5, 2bhk Apartment for sale in Bangalore, 2bhk Apartment in Bangalore, Bangalore Real Estate. We have already bought an apartment in MS Garden Apartment, Bangalore from MS ARASU Builders and Developers in 2012. A few months after the purchase, we noticed that the walls had developed cracks due to poor construction quality, and after 1 rainy season, my bedroom wall was completely destroyed by infiltration.