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Employee Access Center (EAC) – Instructions and Connection Information on negotiations in surrounding counties from 2009-2015. Or click here to contact your school representative. Express Scripts Pharmacy Program First Help 24 Hour Health Care Advice Questions and Contacts FSA Eligible Expenses Flexible Benefit AdministratorsEmploye Assistance Program Tax Sheltered Annuities Health Benefit Options Negotiation Summary for Surrounding Counties 2009-2015 2019-2 020 Benefits Overview Guide 20 20-2021 Benefits Overview Guide Negotiated Agreement with The Caroline County Educators Association Below is the PowerPoint slide of the Tentative Agreement Briefings: Contact the EACC office at 301.392.0150 and we answer your questions. Parents and employees can now choose to receive text messages with the Contact Manager. Look for the sms section in the contact manager and enter the number (s) under which you want to receive text messages. Select the types of messages you want to receive texts for (you only receive texts if the message chain adds sms as one of the ways to get the message). Caroline County Public Schools is not responsible for the fees your mobile operator may charge for receiving text messages. CCPS uses SchoolMessenger to provide employees and families of students with information from their specific school and/or school system. Employees are automatically registered with phone numbers identified during the employment process. You can change your contact numbers through the contact manager, but if you receive a new main contact number, please contact your school or staff for an official change. More information can be found in the FAQ section of our Messenger school page.